Laguna Spa takes you on a journey of luxury and indulgence. Exceed all of your expectations whilst pampering your senses with organic products used in one of our four treatment rooms, where our professional therapists take care of your body and mind with unique treatments tailored to suit your needs.


The most professional, certified, experienced, polite, kind and friendly European staff in Dubai – Lagunas’ Spa therapists.
Lagunas’ Spa staff is from – Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarussian, Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Brazil, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
We are here for you.

Our professional therapists know how to remove not only stress and fatigue but pain in back after long and hard working day, muscle pain after exhausting workout in the gym, common fatigue after long journeys as well. We also have professional male therapists.

Why should you visit Laguna Spa? Because of highly qualified service, professional therapists, pleasant atmosphere and because we are the best, come and be sure of this